Spring OU Cousins


At the end of last semester, I had the misfortune of seeing my OU Cousin go back home to France! Many of her international friends that I had met went home as well, and I was sad to see them all go. Fortunately, while many cousins left, many more came, and I had the great pleasure of meeting my new cousin, Alicia*! Alicia is from Colombia, a country that I have long admired for its culture and music (Juanes and Shakira are some of my personal favorites). Though we have both had very busy semesters, it has been great getting to know Alicia and helping introduce her to American culture! She is one of the sweetest girls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting at OU, and I have loved spending time with her. She only has one week left here, and I am not ready to see her leave!

That is my least favorite part of OU Cousins- it introduces you to wonderful, international friends that truly help to make your OU experience a global one, while you get to help them get to know the U.S., but they are here for such a short time! I love this program, but I wish we could stay with our cousins for four years instead of half of one.

So, though our time together has been short, I am so glad to have had it. I will miss Alicia, and am still missing Patricia, but it was wonderful getting to know them. OU Cousins has been one of my favorite parts of my OU experience, and I hope to stay active in it the entire time I’m at OU!

*Name has been changed for privacy purposes.